Berlin Office Welcomes International Diplomacy Course Participants

Once again this year, an international group of diplomats visited the IFSH's Berlin office. (c) IFSH

On May 16, the team from IFSH's Berlin office welcomed the participants of the Federal Foreign Office's international diplomacy course. Anja Dahlmann, head of the Berlin office, presented the work of IFSH in Berlin. Lucian Bumeder, researcher in the research and transfer project Challenges to Deep Cuts, then gave a short presentation on the current status of strategic arms control between the USA and Russia. He focused on developments since February 2022 and the suspension of the New START treaty. The scientist also discussed, among other things, the foundations of mutual deterrence as a framework for arms control. Afterwards, Anja Dahlmann and Lucian Bumeder discussed deterrence in Europe, the nuclear escalation risks in the Russian war against Ukraine and the warfare of the future with the diplomats.

The visit to the Berlin Office was once again part of a training program within the framework of the Federal Foreign Office’s Training for International Diplomats. Further talks with high-ranking representatives of the Federal Ministries and the German Bundestag are also part of the programme of the international group.