Presentation of the 2020 Peace Report

Prof. Dr. Ursula Schröder

On 16 June, the leading German peace research institutes presented their latest Peace Report at the Federal Press Conference in Berlin.  In it, the institutes analyse the global security policy situation and formulate clear policy recommendations. Because it was written during the corona pandemic, the 2020 Peace Report deals in particular with the question of what impact the virus will have on peace and security worldwide.
The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has the world holding its collective breath. The pandemic is devouring vast resources and has led to sweeping governmental intervention in societal life.  Vulnerable regions of the world in particular are faced with the threat of socioeconomic turmoil, political unrest and social division. The leading German peace research institutes voice their concern on these issues in the 2020 Peace Report, which was presented at the Federal Press Conference in Berlin on 16 June.
Climate change is also a focal issue

In the 2020 Peace Report, entitled “In the Shadow of the Pandemic: Europe’s Last Chance”, the contributing institutes call for the German government to advocate for cooperative solutions in the EU and worldwide, and to do so not only in the fight against the corona virus. They also urge the government not to lose sight of other important issues despite the pandemic. These issues include climate change, the threat of a cyber-weapons arms race, rivalries amongst world powers and the precarious situation of refugees and civilians in armed conflicts. And as recent events following the death of George Floyd in the USA have shown, peace within communities and societies is also in danger. Issues such as the commitment to human rights, a constructive approach to mass protest movements, and the fight against politically- or religiously-motivated agitation and harassment online are ones that transcend borders.
The individual recommendations of the peace research institutes are:
1.    Germany must advocate for a global economic recovery and cooperation programme
2.    Climate change policy must remain a political priority
3.    Develop strategic guidelines for dealing with protest movements
4.    In armed conflicts: Ensure humanitarian assistance for civilian populations and pursue political solutions to violent conflicts
Further information on the Peace Report can be found at Here, you can download the Peace Report free of charge and get an overview of our current and upcoming events.