Conference about Asymmetric Power

Viktoria Budde (links) and Dr. Karoline Eickhoff in The Hague together with their supporters from Nigeria and Indonesia (c) private

At the invitation of the Dutch Knowledge Platform Security and the Rule of Law, a conference on "Asymmetric Power" took place on 14 October. Employees of ministries, academics and members of organisations that carry out projects in the field of security and rule of law abroad were able to discuss the topic together. The aim was to create a fairer way of co-operation and less inequality of power in future projects. The conference took place online and in The Hague, Netherlands. About 150 people had registered for the on-site part of the event in The Hague; hundreds more followed the event online.

Viktoria Budde from IFSH and Dr Karoline Eickhoff from the Berghof Foundation presented interim results of their joint research project on this topic at the workshop on "Trust in Security and Rule of Law Partnerships". They were supported by Saleh Bala, a former Nigerian general, and Shadia Marhaban, a peace mediator from Indonesia, who presented their own varied experiences.

Viktoria Budde and Dr Karoline Eickhoff will soon publish a joint policy brief on the role of trust in international security cooperation, which will contain initial findings from the research project.