Conflicts you can touch

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On 13 April, students of the Peace and Security Studies Master's programme visited the Innovation Lab at the Bundeswehr Command and Staff College in Hamburg, which had opened a few days earlier. The "iLab", which is unique in the Bundeswehr, promotes creative and problem-solving thinking. To this end, modern design is combined with newest technologies and innovative teaching and learning methods. The "iLab" represents the nucleus to which different training worlds will be connected in the future.
One training world deals with the broad field of "wargaming". Whether digital simulations, analogue board games or hybrid forms - both military and civilian "wargaming" is about making decisions in dynamic conflict situations and reacting to consequences.
After an introduction to the multifaceted world of "wargaming", the students were able to get active themselves. In the conflict simulation "Neustart", a small town is affected by a blackout. The players take on the roles of different civil authorities and emergency services who must work together to maintain basic services for the population.
Complex interdependencies quickly become apparent and make it clear: a goal can only be achieved by working together. To achieve this, it is essential to develop a mutual understanding.
With a practical impression of the importance of holistic security and societal resilience building, the first exchange in this form was seen as a success by all participants.