The Legacy Costs of Joining a Nuclear Alliance

Dr. Ulrich Kühn, Franziska Stärk

Focusing on the northern NATO accession debate, Franziska Stärk and Dr. Ulrich Kühn discuss the legacy costs faced by Finland and Sweden upon joining a nuclear alliance in a new article for the Baltic Rim Economies. The authors shed light on the historical justice grievances resulting from nuclear activities and highlight the persistent justice challenges of the global nuclear order. They argue that nuclear weapons states and their allies have made limited efforts to address and rectify these injustices. For NATO’s new members, acknowledging this legacy and their future role in dealing with it, therefore, comes with a choice. Amidst a nascent debate on countering Russia's reliance on sub-strategic nuclear weapons, the authors urge them to seize the opportunity to assume a leading role in shaping future arms control efforts within NATO. Instead of opting for renuclearization, which would exacerbate and prolong nuclear injustice, they emphasize the importance of providing future generations with a vision for possible nuclear disarmament and nuclear justice.

You can read the full article here.