Dr Ulrich Kühn on the "Military Matters" podcast

Dr Ulrich Kühn is Head of the research area Arms Control and Emerging Technologies. (c) IFSH


He feels like he is in the film "Back to the Future", explains arms control expert Dr Ulrich Kühn in an interview on the "Military Matters" podcast about the current security situation in Europe. We are moving forward, he says, but the current political developments he believed were long in the past. It seems as if all the major crises of the last 70 to 80 years have been mixed. 
The Russian attack on Ukraine had maneuvered Russian President Putin into a corner from which it would be difficult to escape. At the beginning of the war the fear of nuclear weapons use was great, but even now there are many potential risk scenarios. According to US intelligence, there are already up to 80 thousand Russian war deaths, Ulrich Kühn said. Should Russia have no exit strategy, then what about a possible use of nuclear weapons? Not only a possible breaking of taboos through the use of nuclear weapons is a risk, warns Kühn. Another risk that should not be underestimated is the occupation and shelling of nuclear power plants like the one in Zaporizhzhia.
At the end of the podcast interview, the peace researcher talks about climate change. It is frustrating that we keep getting bogged down in new wars and conflicts, while other problems that threaten our very existence urgently need to be solved.

You can find the podcast here.