First volume of OSCE Insights now published


Last year the IFSH launched a new publication series, OSCE Insights. The successor to the OSCE Yearbook, OSCE Insights presents policy papers written by scholars and policy analysts as well as by OSCE and government officials, with the aim of making research findings more accessible to decision-makers, diplomats, practitioners and the interested public.  

Individual OSCE Insights contributions are published in English, German and Russian in an open access format throughout the year and gathered into a bound volume at the beginning of each year.
OSCE Insights 2020, the first annual collection of contributions to this new IFSH publication series, has now been published and is available online and in print. As its subtitle – “Corona, War, Leadership Crisis” – indicates, this volume of OSCE Insights focuses on different types of crisis the OSCE has been facing. Why do some participating States find it difficult to translate their OSCE commitments into action? How have the starkly opposed positions of some participating States stymied efforts to build trust and settle conflicts peacefully? Why is the Organization failing to make systematic use of its instruments, for example for sustainable conflict prevention and management?

Further topics in this first collection of OSCE Insights contributions are the war over Nagorno-Karabakh, Kazakhstan´s ambitions within the OSCE and the challenges of military confidence building.

OSCE Insights 2020 is currently available in English. The German and Russian versions will follow shortly.