Germany’s National Strategy and International Cooperation

Register now: Bonn Symposium at the Development and Peace Foundation in cooperation with IFSH and INEF on 23.11.2023.

For the first time in history, Germany has published a National Security Strategy. In his foreword, Chancellor Olaf Scholz emphasises the importance of partnerships “with the upcoming countries of Asia, Africa or America”. However, the paper does not further elaborate on how these partnerships should be designed and what opportunities they offer.

The focus of this year’s Bonn Symposium of the Development and Peace Foundation (sef) is therefore the German National Strategy. The conference takes place in cooperation with the IFSH and the Institute for Development and Peace (INEF) in Duisburg.

On 23 November, international experts from politics, academia and civil society will join the conference under the motto: “Integrated, inclusive, in partnership? Germany’s National Security Strategy and international cooperation”. They will deal with the following questions: What does the National Security Strategy mean for Germany’s international cooperation? How do countries that are not among the main global players (especially African countries) view the Strategy? And how can and should Germany shape and sustainably maintain its relations with these countries in a spirit of partnership?

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