IFSH Establishes New “International Cyber Security (ICS)” Programme

Dr. Ulrich Kühn

Cyber security is becoming a new research focus at the IFSH. (c) AFP

On 1 December 2020 the new programme on “International Cyber Security (ICS)” will kick off at IFSH. Within the framework of ICS, a total of two research positions and a project coordination position will be funded by the German Federal Foreign Office to the tune of almost half a million euros. The grant will run for 25 months.

“With the new programme on International Cyber Security, IFSH’s long-standing work in the field of cyber security is being honoured and at the same time placed on a significantly broader foundation to allow for future research and knowledge transfer,” says Ulrich Kühn, Head of the research area “Arms Control and Emerging Technologies” at IFSH. The new cyber team will not be short of research topics and the need for policy advice. “A first focus of our research will be in the area of international cyber governance,” says Kühn. Examples are possible approaches toward the creation of an independent, international organization responsible for digital forensic processes and attribution, for example after hacker attacks. Additional topics are cyber sanctions and research on the international regulation of surveillance technologies.

According to Kühn, a second focus will be trend analysis: “In concrete terms, this means the early recognition of (industrial) political trends and the creation of specifically tailored transfer formats to help inform politics and society.” This includes, for example, the analysis of various quantum technologies, the political effects of increasing autonomy, or digital dependencies versus sovereignty aspirations in Germany and Europe. Active networking and exchange with science and industry will form a third pillar.

Have we triggered your interest? As of today, IFSH is accepting applications also from non-German speakers for one Senior Research position in the new research program “International Cyber Security (ICS)”.

Please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Ulrich Kühn, should you have any questions: kuehn@remove-this.ifsh.de