IFSH experts at UN conference in Geneva

Dr. Christian Alwardt

Dr. Neil Renic

Christian Alwardt und Neil Renic auf der UN-Konferenz in Genf.

Christian Alwardt and Neil Renic

Considered by some to be the third military revolution after the invention of gunpowder and the atomic bomb, autonomous weapons will be able to identify and destroy a target with the help of algorithms - even without human control. For the past five years , the United Nations Convention on Conventional Weapons  in Geneva has been negotiating a ban on this type of weapon.
Now the talks have moved on to the next round. Government representatives from more than 70 member states and arms control experts in Switzerland discussed how this kind of regulation could be successful and adopted a joint report on the subject.  Christian Alwardt and Neil Renic took part in the talks on behalf of the IFSH. The negotiations are considered difficult. A majority of states are in favour of regulation, but the states that are pioneers in this field, above all the USA, Russia and China, are opposed to a binding ban under international law.