IFSH Press Release: One Year of War in the Ukraine


One year ago, Russia started its war against Ukraine with massive attacks. The invasion of a sovereign state is not only a blatant breach of international law. It has also changed the European security order. Trust that had grown over decades in international agreements such as the Helsinki Final Act and years of work on joint disarmament and non-violent co-existence were shattered overnight by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. One year of war in Europe – Prof. Dr Ursula Schröder, Director of the IFSH, summarises: 

“After a year of war, peace in Ukraine is still a long way off. Even a negotiated settlement is not yet in sight. A just peace for Ukraine cannot be achieved overnight; it will have to be hard-won and fought for. In the coming years, it will be essential to maintain broad international support for Ukraine. To achieve lasting peace, Ukraine needs not only weapons, but clear political support for its long-term integration into the European Union as well as massive economic assistance for reconstruction."

Prof. Dr Ursula Schröder has been Director of the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg since 2017 and is Head of the Research Area European Peace and Security Orders at the IFSH.

The IFSH Press Release of February 23, 2023 can be found here.