Injustice of the Nuclear Security Order

In his article for Transatlantic Policy Quarterly (Spring 2022, Vol. 21, No. 1) Ulrich Kühn questions the U.S. and NATO rhetoric that nuclear weapons helped to sustain peace. While the nuclear great powers did not fight wars between each other, the geographical and political periphery experienced war and instability. With the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine in mind, he argues that ‘the nuclear peace is at best a highly unjust peace as it is unequally distributed.’ The system which now limits the Wests actions in support of Ukraine, and allows Russia to invade Ukraine, is the same system the West helped to create and maintain since 1945. Ulrich Kühn concludes that arms control must be understood as complementary to deterrence and defense. Nuclear disarmament should be the long term goal.

You can read the article here.