International Bundestag Scholars at IFSH

Dr. Christian Alwardt

 Dr. Christian Alwardt erläuterte die Risiken einer digitalen Kriegsführun

(c) IFSH

For five months the scholars are in Germany at the invitation of the German Bundestag, finding out about the processes in parliament and in German politics. During their one-week stay in Hamburg, the young university graduates from 26 nations also visited the IFSH.
Disarmament expert Dr. Christian Alwardt explained the Institute's work and presented the focal points of the research area of arms control and new technologies. In his lecture, he focused on the digitalisation of warfare. He discussed the current status of technology and problematised the current military use of these weapons. In particular, however, the possible development and future capabilities of automated weapon systems were critically examined. Are these new military capabilities compatible with international law, how great is the danger of a new arms race and how can this risk be limited by preventive arms control? The Bundestag scholars then discussed all these questions intensively with him.
For one participant who was a 2017 graduate of the Master's program at the IFSH, the visit offered an opportunity for a reunion.