MPS jubilee class of 2021/22 takes off


The 20th class of the "Master of Peace and Security Studies"  began their studies. 18 students from Germany, Egypt, Great Britain, Ireland, Japan, Colombia, Austria, Russia and Syria were able to successfully start the program. We are happy that teaching at the University of Hamburg can take place in face-to-face teaching again from this winter semester onwards!

Part of the orientation unit were not only introductory lectures and courses, but also a course on Germany's foreign and security policy responsibilities between global engagement and national interests. This course led by Dr Patricia Schneider, which otherwise took the form of an excursion to Berlin, was replaced by an alternative digital program, in which a number of MPS alumni and former IFSH fellows also spoke as institutional representatives.

In lectures and discussions with experts and representatives of institutions, the students engaged in a vibrant debate. Among the discussion partners were representatives of the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), the German Foreign Office (AA) from the Arms Control Division, the Federal Ministry of Defense (BMVg), the Center for International Peace Operations (ZIF), the Foundation for Science and Policy (SWP) The students discussed political consulting with IFSH colleague Dr Barbara Kunz. 

In 2002, the IFSH was the first institute in Germany to introduce a study program in the field of conflict research. In two semesters, 20-25 young people who have already completed their studies, acquire theoretical and practical knowledge of peace research and security policy.
A unique selling point of the MPS program is its interdisciplinary and international orientation. The program is supported by a large number of faculties and institutes in the "Cooperation Network Peace Research and Security Policy", because the MPS degree makes graduates sought-after specialists for them as well.

Students of the “Master of Peace and Security Studies” 2021/22

Are you interested in the connections between peace research and security policy? Do you want to learn more about strategies to avoid or reduce violent conflicts and what conclusions policymakers should draw from them? Do you have practical experience and want to acquire further knowledge and skills?

Then apply for the 21st year 2022/2023!