National Security Strategies and climate security in international comparison

IFSH Researcher Conference in Canberra

Anselm Vogler (c) IFSH

Governments and ministries worldwide publish security strategies to present their security policy assessments and measures. These documents refer in different ways to three basic questions of security policy: Who or what is to be protected? What is to be protected against? And by what political and military means should this protection be achieved?

Anselm Vogler presented insights from his current research on global security strategies in two talks at the annual conference of the Australian Political Studies Association (APSA) on 27 September. In the first presentation, he described which threats and dangers states defined as threats in the first two decades of the 21st century and which protective assets they defined in their strategies. In a second presentation, Anselm Vogler discussed how national security strategies and white papers worldwide specifically address climate change and other environmental issues. Anselm Vogler is part of the research team in the DFG-funded sub-project “Conflict and Cooperation at the Climate-Security Nexus” of the Cluster of Excellence “Climate, Climate Change and Society” at the University of Hamburg.