New Publication: Study peace - and then what?

Since 2002, several courses of study in peace and conflict research have been created in Germany and Austria. These provide students with analytical and practical skills to qualify them for peace and conflict relevant occupational fields. How well this succeeds, however, has so far not been researched beyond evaluations for single courses. Daniel Lambach and Patricia Schneider (IFSH) present the results of a joint graduate study on peace and conflict studies at the Universities of Duisburg-Essen, Frankfurt a. M./Darmstadt, Hamburg, Innsbruck, Konstanz, Magdeburg and Tübingen. The results paint a generally positive picture - the majority of the graduates work in demanding occupational fields, which they feel they are adequately prepared for through their master studies; the proportion of unemployed graduates is low. However, among those employed, a high proportion work in fixed-term employment or in other forms of unsafe employment. The paper discusses the findings with regard to the further development of academic teaching in peace and conflict research.

The reviewed article „Study peace - and then what? Results of a graduate survey of Master Degree Programs in Peace and Conflict Studies“ authored by Daniel Lambach (Universität Frankfurt) & Patricia Schneider (IFSH), „Zeitschrift Friedens und Konfliktforschung“, Springer, was published online at 02 May 2019 and is available in full text here: