New Special Issue: Crisis in Arms Control


Since the turn of the millennium, we haven seen a crisis in international arms control. Bilateral negotiations between Russia and the United States have never been tension-free. However, between 1972 and 2001, there was at least a time of mutual interest in cooperation and disarmament. Unfortunately, in the last twenty years, the disagreements between the negotiating partners have become even more significant. This negative development led to an erosion of existing treaties. Today, China is a third great power that plays an active role in the international arms race. Moreover, the rapid development of new technologies and regular breaches of international law challenge international arms control.

Dr Ulrich Kühn, head of the research project Arms Control and New Technologies, and Simone Wisotzki of Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF) published a special issue in the Journal for Peace and Conflict Research (ZeFKo). In it, the authors analyse diverse empirical cases that reflect the crisis in arms control. They deal with, among other things, with small arms, European arms export policy and the global nuclear world order. Although Kühn and Wisotzki compiled the special Issue before the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war, but this in no way diminishes its relevance.

The publication is open access and can be found here: