New Publication: OSCE Yearbook 2018

Ursel Schlichting

The new OSCE Yearbook has been published. This time it focuses on the Western Balkans/South Eastern Europe. The Yearbook contains contributions on the prospects of EU accession for Albania and Serbia, the UN transitional administration UNTAES in Croatia, the agreement between Greece and the Republic of North Macedonia, the status of Kosovo, which remains controversial, and on the role of the EU in coping with issues caused by resurgent authoritarian tendencies and increasing migration in the region.
The first four contributions analyse current developments in European security and describe current trends in the shadow of the Ukrainian crisis, examine US policy towards Russia and the OSCE's capacity to adapt to changing conditions through fundamental reforms.
The chapter on conflict prevention and dispute settlement includes the first report specifically on the work of the Human Dimension Unit of the OSCE Special Observation Mission to Ukraine. Other contributions deal with the long-term conflict in Transdniestria, the OSCE's involvement in insider mediation and status-neutral approaches to resolving conflicts in Eastern Ukraine and Transdniestria.
A successful model for the integration of refugees in Italy is presented with regard to the “three dimensions of comprehensive security”. In addition, strategies for combating human trafficking in the context of flight and migration, approaches to preventing religious radicalisation in Central Asia and the concept of community police work as a key element in combating crime are discussed. A concluding contribution shows how the OSCE can strengthen the capacity of state and non-state actors to deal with transnational threats.

You can find further information here: OSCE Yearbook 2018