“Peace and Security Studies” Master's programme excursion to Vienna

One of the most important events in the “Peace and Security Studies” Master's programme is the excursion to Vienna, which ran from 8 to 12 April this year. The 29 participants had the opportunity to attend 16 appointments within one week, including numerous high-level lectures and discussions at international organizations, among them the OSCE. The group was welcomed by diplomats from the German Mission to the International Organizations. The participants each spent one day in the UN City (IAEA, CTBTO, etc.). They were also received by renowned institutes (the OPEC Fund for International Development OFID, the National Defence Academy and the EU Energy Secretariat). Two former Austrian ministers also welcomed the group. Former Vice Chancellor Dr Erhard Busek (Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe) gave an introduction to Austrian security policy, and former Defence Minister Dr Werner Fasslabend (Austria Institute for Europe and Security Policy) described the global security situation from a geopolitical perspective. There were various presentations by OSCE delegations on the final day.