Interconnected Security in the Barents, Baltic and Black Sea: initial meeting in Tromsø

Dr. Alexander Graef

Dr. Patricia Schneider

IFSH researcher Dr. Alexander Graef (“Arms Control and Emerging Technologies”) and , Dr. Patricia Schneider, senior research fellow (of the department “European Peace and Security Orders” with a focus on maritime security) travelled to Tromsø in northern Norway from 21 to 22 November to take part in the international expert workshop “Interconnected Security“? At the event that had been organized by the Center for Peace Studies at the Arctic University of Norway and the Institute for Security Policy at the University of Kiel (ISPK) participants analyzed the security situation in the Barents, Baltic and Black Sea in a comparative manner. Among others, the experts from various European research institutes and universities in Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Ukraine and the United States, discussed possibilities of reducing military risks in all three regions while paying attention to cross-linkages between them. The event is the first step in a process of long-term cooperation about these topics and will be continued in 2020.