Start-up Funding for New Research Project

Prof. Dr. Ursula Schröder

Prof. Dr. Schneider, Katharina Fegebank, Prof. Dr. Schröder

Prof. Dr. Gerold Schneider, Katharina Fegebank, Prof. Dr. Ursula Schröder (c) BWFG

Launch of an interdisciplinary, inter-institute Research Training Group - Millions in funding from the Hamburg Ministry for Science and Research (BWFG)


Four institutes. Various specialities. One goal. In the future, the University of Hamburg, the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy (IFSH), Helmut Schmidt University/University of the Bundeswehr Hamburg (HSU) and the German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA) will jointly train doctoral candidates. For this purpose, the Research Training Group will create a special programme. As they write their dissertations, the doctoral candidates will not only be mentored academically but will be part of a larger research context. They will receive support in various forms, such as methods training or career development events, will meet with visiting international scholars and work actively on the Research Training Group’s research topics.

Considering a question from various perspectives

The most innovative aspect of the programme is its interdisciplinary approach. The departments of Political Science, Criminology and Communications Research at the University of Hamburg, the IFSH, the HSU and the GIGA will all work together in the Research Training Group.  Different though the thematic focuses of the individual institutions may be, they are all interested in one central question: What are the possibilities and the limits of democratic security policy in times such as these? Times in which globalisation poses a challenge not only to world markets but also to security? Times in which the social divide is increasing and digitalisation dominates our lives? How can security be ensured under these conditions, and how will the scales of democracy and security be rebalanced?

“Democratic Security Policy” as guiding theme

Over the course of the coming months, individual dissertation proposals on the topic of democratic security policy will be announced. Everyone benefits from the Research Training Group. The doctoral candidates receive tailor-made academic support. The participating institutions benefit from the scientific findings of the individual dissertations. And the Research Training Group is also an asset for Hamburg as a centre of scientific research, as it strengthens interdisciplinary and innovative co-operation in the field of “Security and Peace” in Hamburg.

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