Students from the US visit IFSH

IFSH researcher Dr Delf Rothe spoke with students from the Northwestern University about the interrelations between climate change and security.

What measures is Germany taking to combat climate change? How is the issue being researched at German universities and how do climate activist’ campaigns work? In mid-September, students from Hamburg’s twin city Chicago came to find answers to these questions. During their one-week study trip to Germany, they also visited the IFSH. Their university, Northwestern University, is a partner university of the University of Hamburg.

From the perspective of different disciplines such as engineering, economics and social sciences, the students of engineering sciences intensively discussed the topic of sustainability during their trip to Germany and exchanged ideas with the business and science community.

At the IFSH, the students discussed the challenges of climate change with scientist Delf Rothe. In his presentation, Delf Rothe first presented the IFSH an its research areas. Afterwards, he discussed the connection between climate change and insecurity, which is being researched at the IFSH within the project CliCCS B3. Finally, the peace researcher spoke with the group about the IFSH’s SECIMA project (Security Imaginaries of Climate Movements). This project deals with the questions of how visual representations of climate activists can influence the climate movements. Besides, it conducts research – together with activists – on future visions in the climate crisis. In addition to the visit to the institute, a meeting with climate activists and companies like Hamburg Wasser or BASF was on the agenda. After their stay in Hamburg, the young women and men from Chicago went on to Münster in Westphalia. There they explored modern urban mobility in Germany by bike.