Team of cooperation project between IFSH and the Körber Foundation presents first key findings

Dr. Ulrich Kühn

Participants of the KSSI project during virtual meeting (c) IFSH

The "Körber Strategic Stability Initiative" project (short: KSSI) regularly convenes a group of experts from China, Russia, the United States and Europe to develop policy options for current challenges in the areas of Strategic Stability (the circumstances whereby nuclear weapons provide the benefits of deterrence without generating incentives for first use) and arms control. After three virtual rounds of intensive exchange, the project team now presents a first collection of recommendations. Building on the discussions by international KSSI participants on the topic of strategic stability, the recommendations focus primarily on so-called "new technologies" and how to integrate China into international arms control. The participants will continue their work in the second half of 2020.

Key findings (PDF file)