• Workshop on the Cybersecurity Chapter of the German National Security Strategy


    The International Cybersecurity-Team conducted a workshop in cooperation with the Federal Foreign Office on the cyber security aspect of the German National Security Strategy as part of the dialogue…

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  • New International Cybersecurity Homepage

    The IFSH’s research focus International Cybersecurity (ICS) aims to identify viable strategies for German and European foreign policy to foster peace and security in cyberspace. It focusses on the…

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  • Recent publications on international cybersecurity policy

    Dr. Mischa Hansel, Fabiola Schwarz, Dr. Jantje Silomon


    In their article "Bug Bounties: Between New Regulations and Geopolitical Dynamics", Dr Jantje Silomon, Dr Mischa Hansel and Fabiola Schwarz focus on bug bounty programmes (BBP) and their impact on…

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  • International Cybersecurity: Workshop on Promises and Pitfalls of a Global Cybercrime Convention


    The harmful effects of cross-border criminal cyber-attacks were made abundantly clear as hospitals, energy providers, and other infrastructure services were indiscriminately hit or even directly…

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  • New IFSH Policy Brief: Cybercrime: Working together to Mitigate Peace and Security Threats

    Dr Mischa Hansel, Dr Jantje Silomon

    Criminal cyber operations can cause considerable damage to society and threaten peace at the global level, particularly so-called ransomware attacks carried out by non-state actors. There is a real…

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  • Workshop on the Implementation of UN Cyber Norms


    IFSH research focus International Cybersecurity recently held its second interdisciplinary workshop, focusing on which actors and procedures could advance the implementation of the UN norms of…

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  • Update Available - Societal Actors Advancing Peace and Security in Cyberspace

    Dr. Mischa Hansel, Dr. Jantje Silomon

    Without adequate cyber security, essential services and basic supplies are put at risk in our ever increasingly digital societies. This became abundantly clear in May 2021, when a ransomware attack in…

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  • "Jan’s Cyber Hotchpotch" - New Newsletter about International Cybersecurity


    International cybersecurity has become a central building block of inter-state foreign and peace policy. Do you want to keep track of cybersecurity developments around the world? Have you sometimes…

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  • International Cybersecurity: Kick-off Workshop on "Zero Trust"


    For the official opening of the IFSH research focus "International Cybersecurity", the team around project leader Dr Mischa Hansel organised an event titled "With Zero Trust to Global Trust?…

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  • IFSH Establishes New “International Cyber Security (ICS)” Programme

    Dr. Ulrich Kühn

    On 1 December 2020 the new programme on “International Cyber Security (ICS)” will kick off at IFSH. Within the framework of ICS, a total of two research positions and a project coordination position…

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