Ann-Kathrin Benner is a PhD Fellow at the IFSH. From April 2018 until November 2021, Ann-Kathrin Benner worked at the IFSH as a researcher as part of the DFG project "The Knowledge Politics of (In-)Security in the Anthropocene". From December 2021 until 2023, she coordinated the scientific activities of IFSH in the framework of "doing peace!", the horizontal research focus of IFSH. In addition, Ann-Kathrin Benner coordinated the participatory research project "Understanding and dealing with multiple crises (MUVE)" from February until December 2023. She was previously an event co-ordinator for the Berlin Office of the German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA). Ann-Kathrin Benner studied political science at the Freie Universität Berlin, the Université de Provence, and the Moscow State Institute for International Relations. Since December 2020, she is writing a dissertation on the knowledge politics of Climate Engineering at the University of Hamburg.

Research Profile | Current Projects

Ann-Kathrin Benner's dissertation focuses on the assumption of an increasing convergence of knowledge practices and security policy, using the example of proposals to manipulate the Earth system through climate engineering. Previously, her research has examined, among other things, the historical, technological, and discursive conditions under which the thesis that we are living in the Anthropocene era could gain popularity. Currently, she is also exploring the opportunities and limits of participatory and transdisciplinary knowledge production in peace and security research as part of her work for the horizontal research focus "doing peace!".