Holger Marcks has worked as a researcher at the IFSH since 2018. He is researching processes of rightist and Islamist radicalization in the virtual world as part of the PANDORA project (financed by BMBF). He was previously a research associate at Goethe University in Frankfurt, where he worked on a project financed by the DFG that was dedicated to the dynamics of transnational cooperation between terrorist actors. He studied Islamic Science, Sociology and Modern History at the Free University of Berlin, where he graduated in 2011 with a thesis on Islamic economics in Germany. He is also a PhD candidate at Goethe University in Frankfurt, writing on the justification and critique of radical change in the revolutionary labor movement.

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At the center of Holger Marcks’ academic work is the behavioral logic of violent actors and the analysis of (de-)radicalizing influences. In this context, he studies the process of learning in radical movements against the backdrop of statist and public reactions from a comparative and transnational perspective. A particular focus is on normative intentions and the empirical effects of (revolutionary) uprisings. Furthermore, he researches which ideologies and narratives inform violence and under which conditions they receive resonance. Here, the focus is on how rightist and Islamist world views spread through (social) media and translate into violent actions. Both strands of research are guided by the aim of illuminating the nexus between ideology and violence.