Götz Neuneck is Senior Research Fellow at the IFSH and Professor at the MIN Faculty at the University of Hamburg. He is an expert in arms control, disarmament, new technologies, nuclear weapons, verification, science diplomacy, missile defence and space armament. From 2008 – 2018 he was scientific director of the postgraduate “Peace and Security Studies” Master’s programme at the University of Hamburg. He is a member of the Council of the “Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs”, Pugwash representative of the Verband Deutscher Wissenschaftler (VDW) and chairman of the working group "Physik und Abrüstung" / Physics and Disarmament of the DPG, as well as member of editorial boards of specialist publications, and Amaldi representative of the Union of German Academies of Science and Humanities, elected foreign member of the Russian and Armenian Academy of Science. After completing his degree in physics in Düsseldorf in 2984, he was part of the working group of Horst Afheldt and Carl-Friedrich von Weizsäcker run by the Max Planck Society in Starnberg. After receiving his PhD in Mathematics (Dr. rer. nat. 1985) at the University of Hamburg, he became a researcher at the IFSH under Egon Bahr.

Research Profile | Current Projects

Since completing his degree in physics, the focus of many research projects and political consulting has been on the connections between new technologies relevant to armament developments, scientific insights and politics in modern warfare, arms control, proliferation and disarmament. These are based on technology impact assessments according to criteria in specific fields within security and peace policy, for example, missiles, space, unmanned systems and the proliferation of nuclear weapons and missiles in conflict regions such as Asia and the Middle East, as well as other areas. In addition to research, the approaches and analyses developed are presented and discussed, both in the international context in the form of Two Track meetings (Pugwash, Amaldi), and in the context of scientific policy advice. Götz Neuneck has experience in government delegations, hearings, reports for the Bundestag and in the context of the UN. He currently coordinates the trilateral Deep Cuts Commission on the Future of Nuclear Arms Control; he is the German representative of AG 4 of the International partnership for Nuclear Disarmament Verification and leads projects on new technologies and the future of warfare with special emphasis on AI, autonomy and networking.