Elvira Rosert has been a Junior Professor at the IFSH and at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences (WISO) of the University of Hamburg since May 2017. Previously, she was a research associate at the Chair of Public Law and International Law at the University of Gießen, at the Chair of International Institutions and Peace Processes at the Goethe University Frankfurt, and at the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF). At PRIF, she was a PhD candidate in the "Arms Control and Disarmament" program area and a PostDoc in the "Conflict and Normative Change" research group. She also spent time at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver conducting research for her PhD on the prohibitions of cluster munitions, incendiary weapons, and landmines. She earned her doctorate at the Goethe University in 2016.

Research Profile | Current Projects

Elvira Rosert’s research and teaching interests include international norms, especially in the field of arms control and disarmament, and international humanitarian law. Currently, she analyses the perspectives for the regulation of autonomous weapon systems and develops policy suggestions on this topic. Elvira Rosert is also interested in international institutions (the United Nations in particular) and in qualitative research designs and methods. She is also working on a grant proposal on the principle of unnecessary suffering in international humanitarian law, and conducting a large-n study on patterns of acceptance and diffusion of international norms.

Selected Publications