Peace Report 2019 presented at the Federal Press Conference in Berlin

Subsequent presentation at the Federal Chancellery (including photo gallery)

For months, teams of writers from the Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC), the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF), the Institute for Development and Peace (INEF) and the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy (IFSH) analysed the current state of security policy. On 4 June, in front of the Berlin press, they took stock of their findings and presented this year’s Peace Report. The focus of this year’s report is the nuclear security crisis. The research institutes called on the federal government to play a more active role in peace and security policy. Germany ought to use its influence in NATO and the EU to propose concrete steps towards nuclear disarmament, among other things. The authors of the report also urge the German government to be more involved overall in resolving international military conflicts.
Read more about the researchers’ assessments and recommendations here.


Following the Federal Press Conference, the researchers presented and discussed their recommendations and analyses with members of the government. The discussion moved to the Federal Chancellery immediately after the introduction of the Peace Report in front of the Berlin press. A panel discussion held at the French Cathedral that evening featured participants including former Minister of Foreign Affairs Sigmar Gabriel. The day also included stops at the Office of the Federal President, the Federal Foreign Office, the Federal Ministry of Defence, the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the parliamentary parties of the Bundestag. View photo gallery.


Selected press coverage of the 2019 Peace Report