Hamburg citizens show great interest in IFSH research workshop

First crises-workshop successfully started at Bücherhallen Hamburg

Prof. Dr. Ursula Schröder led the first workshop on 18th April. © IFSH

What do the citizens of Hamburg perceive as a crisis? Where and in what ways do crises affect their areas of life – and how do citizens deal with that? This is what the IFSH researchers want to find out in the new research project “MUVE - Understanding and Dealing with Multiple Crises”. Therefore, the scientists invite all Hamburgers to participate in workshops at the different locations of Bücherhallen Hamburg.

The first workshop aroused great interest and took place at the central library on April 18th, 2023. Armaments, climate change, “casino capitalism”, energy and education crisis – these are just some of the issues that have been discussed. Ursula Schröder, Scientific Director of the IFSH, moderated the event. A lively and exciting discussion came up about the role of the state and the media in times of crisis. The participants also stressed the importance of voluntary engagement by citizens, for example in the fight against pandemic or the integrations of refugees, as a pillar of society. “What a great kick-off!”, summarised the director of the IFSH afterwards. “We’re delighted that so many participants want to join further workshops.”

MUVE (Understanding and Dealing with Multiple Crises), is a joint research project of the IFSH and the profile initiative “Violence and Security” at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences (WiSo), University of Hamburg (Prof. Dr Christine Hentschel, Prof. Dr Ursula Schröder) in cooperation with the Bücherhallen Hamburg and the State Agency for Civic Education Hamburg (LpB). It is financed by the funding line “Science for Society” of the State Innovation Funding of the Federal Office for Science, Research, Equality and Districts (BWFGB).