IFSH Director comments on National Security Strategy

Public hearing of the Committee on Foreign Affairs on 19 June 2023

IFSH Director Ursula Schröder gives her expert assessment on the National Security Strategy.

For the first time in history, Germany decided on a national security strategy. This strategy includes guidelines on how the government wants to counter all kind of internal and external threats to the security of the country and its people. The new and central core of this strategy is a holistic security policy that goes beyond traditional security policy areas such as defence and foreign policy. The aim is to enable more effective cooperation between the relevant ministries and authorities in the field of security policy in the future.

IFSH researchers have critically monitored the process of the National Security Strategy over the past few months. IFSH Director Prof. Dr Ursula Schröder was one of the six invited experts at the Public Hearing of the Foreign Affairs Committee on the National Security Strategy. The hearing was also broadcasted on parliamentary television.

Prof. Dr Ursula Schröder is also a member of the Enquete Commission “Lessons from Afghanistan”. On 19 June, she also participated in the public hearing on “Realignment, Adaptation and Withdrawal 2015 to 2021”.