IFSH Report Examines the Chances of Trilateral Arms Control

Dr. Ulrich Kühn

[Translate to English:] Trilaterale Rüstungskontrolle

Trilaterale Rüstungskontrolle (c) dpa picture alliance

The U.S., Russia, and China: How could these three countries together avoid another arms race? The latest IFSH Research Report analyses how an arms control agreement between these three major nuclear powers could be reached. Editor Dr Ulrich Kühn has asked leading experts from Washington, Moscow, and Beijing for their assessment. From the perspective of their respective countries, the authors clarify the following questions: Could arms control "at three" be possible? What conditions would be necessary? Above all, how can new weapons systems and new technologies be regulated and thus brought under control? What can German diplomacy do to promote strategic stability between the United States, China, and Russia?

You can read the report here: https://ifsh.de/publikationen/research-report/research-report-002

The IFSH has also issued a press release (in German) on the publication of the report.