NATO Watch Report

Prof. Dr. Michael Brzoska, Dr. Hans-Georg Ehrhart

Two of IFSH’s senior research associates, Michael Brzoska and Hans-Georg Ehrhart, contributed to an assessment of the NATO expert group report of December 2020, NATO 2030: United for a New Era. The international non-governmental organisation NATO WATCH had invited 10 peace researcher to provide critical reviews of the report. This report was recently published.

The expert group, appointed by NATO to reflect about future challenges and options for the organisation, came to the conclusion that NATO has to adapt for a dangerous geopolitical confrontation with Russia and China, which has a political as well as a military dimension. Authors in the NATO WATCH assessment warn against the dangerous consequences of the dominance of such a block perspective without proper considerations of opportunities for cooperation.

In their view, the reflection group’s perspective is scanted towards a one-sided analysis of past events and future trends, especially in relation to Russia. They are also critical of the way in which the NATO-appointed experts misjudge important future challenges such as climate change or the problems faced by countries in North Africa and the Sahel.  

Read the NATO WATCH REPORT here.