Paris goals at risk: Hamburg Climate Futures Outlook 2023 published

(c) CLICCS/ Universität Hamburg


Limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius is not realistic with current political and societal efforts. This is the conclusion of a new study by the Hamburg Cluster of Excellence "Climate, Climate Change and Society" (CLICCS). For the analysis, the CLICCS experts, including IFSH members Prof. Dr Ursula Schröder, Anselm Vogler and Dr Delf Rothe for IFSH, examined political, social, and physical drivers such as consumer behavior, UN climate policy, or media coverage. According to the authors of the study, to achieve the Paris climate goals, societies must be empowered and adaptation to the consequences of climate change must be reorganized around local needs and knowledges.

IFSH researchers Anselm Vogler, Prof. Dr Jürgen Scheffran and Prof. Dr Ursula Schröder authored a brief contribution on the implications of the war in Ukraine on the prospects of global decarbonization. The invasion has brought global climate governance to a critical juncture. It is, however, too early to assess the overall impact of the invasion on the plausibility of global decarbonization.

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