Sea piracy and maritime terrorism

Dr. Patricia Schneider

Piracy and maritime terrorism are transnational risks that affect international shipping, the exchange of goods and trade, but above all the crews of ships. Piracy is also a not insignificant problem for Germany, which is dependent on a functioning maritime trade for the import and export of economic goods. Despite different motives and interests, terrorist and piracy groups occasionally cooperate with each other. Regardless of supposedly noble justification narratives, the motives of pirates are mostly profit-oriented. By using direct violence against people, pirates and maritime terrorists violate maritime law. Patricia Schneider looks at two high-risk piracy hotspots (Somalia, Nigeria) and describes the violent practices of the actors. This is followed by a discussion of counter-strategies practiced nationally and internationally to restore maritime security and peaceful order on land and sea.

Patricia Schneider: Seepiraterie und maritimer Terrorismus. In: Bürger & Staat, Issue 4/2019 „Ozeane und Meere“, S. 254-261, edited by the Landeszentrale für Politische Bildung Baden-Württemberg.
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