Alexander Graef is a researcher at the IFSH. He joined the IFSH as part of the project Arms Control and Emerging Technologies Research in March 2019. He holds a BA in Cultural Studies from the European-University Viadrina and an MA in International Relations from the Free University Berlin and the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. His PhD thesis (2019) at the University of St. Gallen explored Russian experts and think tanks in the field of foreign and security policy. From January 2017 to June 2018, Alexander Graef was a Doc.Mobility fellow of the Swiss National Science Foundation at the National Research University Higher School of Economics in Moscow. He is part of the FLEET-network of young experts specialising in security and cooperation in wider Europe, which was founded by the Regional Office of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (ROCPE) in Vienna.


Selected Publications

  • Graef, Alexander. 2019.
    Getting Deterrence Right on NATO’s Eastern Flank.
    In: Berlin Policy Journal
  • Graef, Alexander. 2019.
    Russia’s RAND Corporation? The Up and Downs of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies (RISI).
    In: Russian Analytical Digest, Nr. 234: 5-9 DOI: 10.3929/ethz-b-000331035.
  • Graef, Alexander. 2018.
    Denkfabriken und Expertise. Russlands außen- und sicherheitspolitische Community.
    Osteuropa 68 (8-9): 77-98.
  • Axyonova, Vera, Victoria Bucataru, Alexander Graef, Dzmitry Halubnichy, Alla Leukavets, Julia Wanninger. 2018.
    From Conflict to Engagement: Threat Perceptions in the OSCE Area.
    In: Islands of Cooperation, edited by FLEET, Fresh Look at Eastern European Trends, 8-10. Vienna: FES Regional Office for Cooperation and Peace in Europe.
  • Graef, Alexander. 2017.
    Wer macht Außenpolitik in Russland? Akteure, Diskurse, Entscheidungen.
    Zeitschrift für Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik 10 (1): 1-11. DOI: 10.1007/s12399-016-0601-1.