International Conference & Workshops:

Hamburg (Insecurity) Sessions: Un-Cancelling the Future


The Hamburg (Insecurity) Sessions are

critical, creative & constructive.

Rather than merely countering threats, the Hamburg (Insecurity) Sessions seek, create and seize opportunities. They fill in the blanks in today’s societies, politics and cultures and address the voids left by the demise of old concepts. The Hamburg (Insecurity) Sessions explore the spaces created by our fast-changing, complex and uncertain world. By doing so, we aim to re-kindle the optimism and belief in the possibility of a better future that are essential for progressive politics – and sustainable security.

The Hamburg Sessions challenge leading thinkers and doers to engage with each other to transform critique into constructive proposals and to push the boundaries of possible policy. They bring fresh thinking to policymakers and allow scholars to better understand the constraints that politicians face. This new event provides sustained engagement between experts and influencers in order to create new solutions to our biggest challenges, identify our best opportunities and imagine new ways to seize them.

Programme Overview:

Please find the programme here (PDF).

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The Hamburg (Insecurity) Sessions are funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.

Impressions from the reception of the Hamburg (Insecurity) Sessions

Impressions from the first keynote session "(No) Future Europe?"

Impressions from the second keynote session "(No) Future Order, (No) Future Peace?"

Impressions from the third keynote session "(No) Future Weapons?"

Impressions from the fourth and last keynote session "(No) Future World?"

Impressions from the "(No) Future Music?" Session

Impressions from Workshop 1A: Future Europe at Home

No pictures taken at Workshop 1B: Future Europe in the World (sorry!)

Impressions from Workshop 2A: Future (Dis)Order

Impressions from Workshop 2B: Future Peace / Future War

Impressions from Workshop 3A: Future Weapons & Emerging Geopolitics

Impressions from Workshop 3B: Future Weapons & Emerging Technologies

Impressions from Workshop 4A: Climate Beyond Crisis

Impressions from Workshop 4B: Future World Makers