• Why is far-right rhetoric so dangerous? - new journal article

    Holger Marcks, Dr Janina Pawelz

    In recent years, scholars and policy makers alike have striven to unpack the black box of extremists’ online communication and the rise of far-right violence. IFSH experts Holger Marcks and Janina…

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  • Why Coronavirus gives organized crime momentum to shine and flourish: a blog post

    Dr. Janina Pawelz

    In several Brazilian favelas, gangs and militias took matters into their own hands, spreading information on curfews and other restrictions via social media and patrolling the streets to ensure…

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  • Members of the IFSH Attend International Conference at King’s College in London

    Holger Marcks

    An international conference from 27-28 January at the venerable King’s College in London dealt with the topic of Non-State Actor Governance. Organised by the International Center for Studies of…

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  • Digital Fascism

    Maik Fielitz und Holger Marcks

    How can the phenomenon of digital fascism be grasped? What challenges does it have for the open society? IFSH experts Maik Fielitz and Holger Marcks discuss these questions in their working paper…

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  • When the centre moves to the right – IFSH experts on extremism attend Hamburg symposium

    PD Dr. Martin Kahl, Stephen Albrecht

    The challenges globalisation, digitalisation and migration facing our society are unsettling for many people. Some respond with isolationism, aggression and misanthropic views. The tone of political…

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  • Spiel mit dem Hass- Interview mit dem RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND)

    Online-Foren sind heute der zentrale Ort, an dem (junge) Menschen mit rechtsextremem Gedankengut in Kontakt kommen. Dabei sind die Botschaften sehr subtil. Rassistische Botschaften werden oft nur von…

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