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    This year’s winners of the second OSCE-IFSH Essay Competition


    It was a close call this year: The jury named Anna Nadibaidze (28, University of Southern Denmark), Nicolò Miotto (23, Karls-Universität Prag) and Claudia Ditel (27, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz)…

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    Latest Publications

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    New IFSH Policy Brief: Cybercrime: Working together to Mitigate Peace and Security Threats

    Dr Mischa Hansel, Dr Jantje Silomon

    Criminal cyber operations can cause considerable damage to society and threaten peace at the global level, particularly so-called ransomware attacks carried out by non-state actors. There is a real…

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About the IFSH

Drones and autonomous weapons - blessing or curse?

What happens when a nuclear bomb explodes?

A scenario using Hamburg as an example

Arms race: Dark past or current danger?

Interactive Website for the Körber Strategic Stability Initiative

How can the rivalry between the great powers USA, Russia and China be prevented from escalating and leading to an open military conflict? Within the framework of the Körber Strategic Stability Initiative (KSSI), a joint project between IFSH and the Körber Foundation, experts from China, Russia, the USA and Europe regularly exchanged views on questions of arms control for one year. An interactive website summarizes their 19 recommendations for action and presents the project.

Check out the interactive Website here